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Effective Fraud Protection

Trustworthy Phone Verification services by Phone Confirm

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Provides your business organization with added ...
  • Transaction Security
  • Fraud Protection
  • Identity Security
  • Information Security is a simple to use, cost effective service that allows an end-user's phone number to be aligned concurrently with a transaction that is taking place online. Used to automate online identity verification processes, adds a layer of security and protection for both online businesses and users. works by either presenting an online end user with a web page containing a one-time personal identification number (PIN) that is then entered into a phone keypad when simultaneously receiving a generated phone call (Verification Method One) or; by an online user entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) received via phone call, into a web page (Verification Method Two). Matching PINs' confirm the association between the online transaction and the person's phone number.

Automated Phone Verification and Confirmation benefits include:

  • adding another layer of real-time identity verification for online merchants, thus decreasing fraud and charge backs.
  • verification of phone numbers for secure account updates and protected changes such as increasing account limits, changing passwords etc.
  • reducing manual phone number verification labor and service costs.
  • adding a phone confirmation record for a transaction.
A variety of simple, easy to use Implementation methods enables users to quickly set up the service and begin to receive benefits.

Use in your business
Internet businesses and organizations can utilize in a wide variety of applications to add that extra level of fraud protection, help secure password resets, confirm logins, validate phone numbers, confirm orders and verify internet signups. Take a look at phone verification and phone confirmation Usage Examples and discover how our Phone Number Verification Service can provide added identity, informational and transactional security for your online business.

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