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Identity Security

Fraud and financial Loss Due to Poor Online Identity Verification: It is likely that you or your business have experienced or are acquainted with online fraud resulting in chargeback's, financial losses and credit difficulties. utilizes an automated phone call technique during an online transaction to help verify that the person making the transaction is the person they claim to be and that the phone number itself is valid.

Fraud Coming in “Bunches,” Because Your business or industry is the latest “hot” target for fraudsters: If you are experiencing a sudden increase in online fraud it is possible your business or industry is the latest “hot” target for fraudsters. If you don't fight back quickly it may be necessary to abandon your online transaction site completely. In many cases, online businesses adding the additional layer of verification of will experience an immediate drop in fraud because fraudsters find it easier to simply move to softer targets.

Information Security

Compromised internal information due to Poor Security of Extranet and Intranet System Logins: An unfortunate reality is that the security of most company intranet and extranet systems are compromised. The result is valuable, sensitive company information (customer lists, competitive grids, new product specs and information) is routinely exposed to competitors, disgruntled employees, your resellers' employees seeking favor with your competitors, and even “friendly” business partners who casually use the information for their own interests.

Rather than simply relying on a relatively anonymous and easily “shared” web log-in using a ID/Password, can ensure the login to your extranet/intranet is occurring from a computer located next to an authorized phone on the desk of Bob Johnson, Director of Sales, ABC Reseller -- rather than from a competitive salesperson's laptop on his way to your customer.

Password sharing, piracy, and abuse of web site subscriptions: drastically decreases password sharing, abuse, and piracy. In addition to tracking IP addresses associated with access to subscription web services (ex. adult web sites, networking organizations, etc...) vendors of subscription web services use to confirm that a single verifiable phone number is also associated with a customer account.

Transactional Security

Increasing Customer Support issues and costs due to Invalid Account Sign-Ups: Users of online services routinely abuse free trials and one-time sign-ups by creating multiple accounts and signing up multiple times. The result is an increase in your businesses expenses to process the accounts and expending resources for end-users who have no intention of becoming actual paying customers.

Exposure to legal action due to underage Sign-ups: Your business is exposed to potentially serious legal action and costs when children and teenagers sign-up for online services, blogs (such as, etc…), and other accounts by intentionally or unintentionally “mischaracterizing” their age or identity. By adding to the sign-up process underage users are discouraged by being identified with a phone number associated with the sign-up. An invalid sign-up phone number can be “flagged” so that repeated sign-ups cannot take place. This actually helps protect young people from interacting on websites that are inappropriate or potentially dangerous to them.

Discourage online predators from use of your web system: Your business is exposed to potentially serious legal action and costs when sexual predators and criminals sign-up for online services, blogs and children's sites with the intent to use your service for predatory or criminal activity. By adding phone verification service to the sign-up process, you may discourage deviant and criminal users. A phone number associated with a sign-up identified as a deviant user phone number, can be “flagged” so that repeated sign-ups cannot take place. This reassures parents that your web system is incorporating additional steps to protect young people from interactions on websites that are inappropriate or potentially dangerous to them.

Exposure to legal action due to upload/downloads of copy written material: Websites and users that have transactions involving uploading or downloading copy written music, writing, video, graphics etc…are the subject of intense legal scrutiny. Liability for illegal transactions (remember ignorance is not a legal defense!) of copy written material is an evolving area of law centering around peer-to-peer (P2P) services involving verification of the material and the person(s) or network involved in the transaction. By using to help verify the individuals involved in the transaction of copywritten material website administrators of copywritten material can help discourage illegal uploads and downloads of copywritten material - protecting themselves from potentially costly legal action.

Overwhelmed by Automated Sign Up “bots” and Spammers : Many owners of listservs (electronic mailing list software) and online group systems are quickly overwhelmed by the huge number of automated sign-up bots used by spammers to create fraudulent accounts, most of which are nothing more than advertising messages and links for “Herbal Viagra.” The result is these valuable listservs and group systems are quickly overwhelmed with embarrassing spam and abandoned before they have a chance to serve their original purposes. By adding phone verification administrators to these listservs and online group systems, automated sign-up bots and the spam they create can be completely halted.

Traceability of malicious computer users on your LAN/WAN/WiFi network: Every time you allow a computer user to “plug in” to your network it exposes your network to viruses, worms, and other malicious activity resulting in network downtime, degradation of service, and increased expense. provides an additional layer of traceability to any connection to your network by insuring you are authenticating a computer user's phone number when they request access to your network. Specifically, providers of WiFi hot spots can discourage computer users, who may be seeking to hide both their true identities and malicious activities, from signing onto their WiFi system with unverified identifying information.

Customer churn and frustration due to Password Resets: Customers who don't remember their passwords don't get mad at themselves, they get mad at your business – and then they drop your service. Competitive offers and high customer expectations have put significant pressure on online service businesses to provide streamlined online account management services like Password Resets. facilitates a secure, automated process for enabling a quick and simple Password Reset so you maintain security and keep your customer.

Competitors or potential customers use Incorrect Phone Numbers given as part of online “trial” offerings, electronic newsletter sign-ups, ROI (cost per click) calculators, sign-ups for marketing material, drawings, etc…: In many cases, the use of an online offering, calculator, sign-up or drawing is contingent on providing basic marketing information –name, email, phone number - back to the website. However, as often as not, the information provided is false, many times because your competitors are researching your online ROI calculator. Fictitious new sign-ups will use a completely fake email (example: to use your system or if you've set up a “confirm your receipt” email they may use a junk email account (example, with no real identifying connection to the person using the online.

Also, these same people may input junk phone numbers as part of their use or sign-up of your online services. service will verify the phone numbers of users of all of these online services and sign-ups. This can discourage competitors from signing up for your competitive information and using your online calculators, drastically reduce the shipment of marketing material to junk contacts, and greatly improve the quality of marketing leads created by these kinds of online sign-ups.

Avoid Spam blacklists with triple Opt-in marketing verification: A sizeable portion of online spam complaints are, in fact from customers who have signed up to receive your information and forgotten they have done so. By adding to your opt-in marketing processes, you add another procedure and record to protect your business from creating spam and from unwarranted complaints that you are spamming. The result is that by using a triple opt-in strategy you have records to protect yourself from spam blacklisting and a degree of assurance that you are in compliance with anti-spam legislation.

Changes to a Shared Online Calendar System Creates Problems: Changes to a shared online calendar or project website without an automated notification to the parties sharing the calendar or project website can create as many problems as the website was set up to solve. For example, if one parent of an online co-parenting calendar website makes a schedule change (used by divorced parents to help schedule interactions for shared children) without the quick notification to the other parent the result can be confusion, anger, and distrust of the calendar system itself. Adding to an online calendaring system enables both sets of parents to log-in, receive instant notification and verification that they have been notified of schedule changes, without necessitating that they actually speak to one another.

Similarly, in a business setting where joint calendar changes are important for all parties involved to verify that they have been notified of changes ensures the accountability of project members.

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