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PhoneConfirm Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (CLICK QUESTION TO LINK TO ANSWER)

How easy is it to integrate into my existing online forms or shopping cart system?
Integrating into an existing application usually is a quick and straightforward process, requiring only minor code changes to facilitate. provides users with implementation examples, code samples and a set of tools.
What design formats can integrate with?
In addition to's 'Basic HTTP GET Request' and 'Advanced Web Service HTTP/SOAP Request' Application Programming Interfaces (API), now provides a simpler, faster and easier to use 'Hosted API' where the entire verification process is done by
How effective is in reducing credit card chargebacks?
Reductions in online fraud and resulting chargebacks based on using a phone verification system vary. However it would not be uncommon for you to experience a decrease in chargebacks of 90% or more. Fraudsters are much less likely to pursue a transaction on your website when they are faced with providing a verifiable phone number. Phone numbers, especially phone numbers that will be verified using your call and Personal Identification Number (PIN) response system, are much easier to trace than IP addresses.
Does store phone numbers that it dials during the verification process? will store the phone numbers used in your 'call and PIN' response verification system for a period 60 days for accounting and billing purposes only. After that time, phone numbers are permanently deleted. is an add-on to your customer transaction process. It does not interact with, capture, or record any other aspect of your customer information.
What if my end users (clients) phone numbers are in different countries? can accommodate phone numbers in almost every country. Each phone number that is verified must be accompanied by the proper country code. If all end user phone numbers are in the same country you can indicate this in 'Settings' and it will not be necessary for you to provide the country code with each phone number.
Is it important to label my website with the logo designation?
Yes, it is a key aspect of protecting you and your customers from fraud. If you place the logo on your website, your high-value customer will know that they are interacting on a website that puts the highest priority on deterring fraud, as well as validating and protecting their identity. Additionally, potential fraudsters will know they their phone number will be checked which will act as an additional deterrent to fraud.
What happens if is unable to validate a transaction?
In such a circumstance, the final decision is yours. You can proceed with the transaction based on the information provided, or escalate to a more intensive level of verification (like a personal phone call or fax of both sides of the credit card used), or deny the transaction. is your tool to use as you determine in the fight to discourage and combat online fraud.
Why is it important to offer to my customers?
Your customers know online fraudsters are getting more aggressive and want you to get more aggressive in your anti-fraud protection. Businesses that offer as part of a secure ordering process have an advantage over their competitors. Many larger websites such as eBay, Yahoo and others already use a 'phone and PIN response' verification system. It is a fact that many of your customers are still uncomfortable ordering over the Internet, even using a time-tested, secure process. A more secure your customer experience provides you with a better security reputation, an increased ability to compete and a healthier bottom-line.
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