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Using HTTP request to place call

It accepts the following parameters:

GUID - This is your personal ID that is generated during account sign-up. You must keep this ID private.
Number - Phone Number to call.
Text - This is a message to be delivered. The text can contain the following variables:
@PIN specifies the place where pin will be spoken;
@File=<filename> - allows to play a file previously uploaded to the web site.
@VoiceConfirmation - allows to record a user voice reply only for Notification message type. The size is limited by 1 min and a user can stop recording pressing "#" sign. The url to this recorded file will be included in the Response in VoiceLink parameter.
ReplyEmail - Optional. Parameters specifies a email account where an opetation result will be duplicated.
ThankYou - Optional. A file that will be played at the end of the message. If this parameter is omitted, the default Thank you file will be played.
Pin - Optional. Unique number to be verified or just spoken. You can specify a PIN or you can omit it and it would be generated unique.
TransactionID - Unique client specified ID that is returned unchanged in a response.
Type - This parameter determines Option One or Option Two.
Extension - Phone extension to be dialed after connect.
ExtensionDelay - Delay in secs to wait until dialing phone extention.
MaxCallDuration - Maximum duration of a call.
SingleDigitMode - Waiting for one press.
NotificationType - This parameter determines type notification phone call or sms. By default it is phone call.

If set to Notification, Option two is implemented. User will receive a phone call and message will be played without waiting for PIN.

If set to Confirmation, text is played and then we wait for user to input Phone Number.

By default if Pin is not specified, Confirmation option is used.


PIN - You can send us a PIN or you can omit that filed and we would generate unique PIN number. If you send us a PIN, for service to be more reliable, please do not have two of the same digits following each other.

PIN 563345 is not very reliable, because of sequential "3". It is better to have PIN: 563245.

We provide a functions:
that will generate PIN with X number of digits.
that returns how much call costs in tickets


In response XML is returned. XML provides several fields that you would need to check to verify response:

<ProcessingStage> - This field indicated Call status. In most cases it would be "Processed", meaning call went through fine. It also could be Failed, Busy, NoAnswer.

You would need to analyze the response and determine your action.

<ConfirmationResult> - This would tell you if PIN generated by us matches PIN on the site. It could be either false or True.

<TransactionID> - Unique client specified ID that is returned unchanged in a response.

<VoiceLink> - Provides an URL to a recorded Voice Confirmation file.

<PIN> - PIN code used during the call.

<PinOut> - Actual PIN entered.

<ErrorCode> - Error Code.

<ErrorDesc> - Error Description.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <JobStatus xmlns:xsd="">
  <ErrorDesc>Incorrect input.</ErrorDesc>

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