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DEMO #1: Resetting a Password
This example demonstrates how you can use PhoneConfirm to create a secure and automated password reset process on your website.

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In the demo above you will act as one of your customers. Your goal, as a customer, is to reset your password using PhoneConfirm to verify your identity and allow the password reset. You will receive the automated PhoneConfirm call to the number you supply (in an actual implementation you could also set the PhoneConfirm system to make a phone call to a phone number that the customer had previously entered, verified, and stored on your site as part of a registration process). When you, as the customer, receive the phone call you will enter the PIN number displayed on the website into your phone keypad verifying your identity. Then, you will be allowed to change your password on the website.
A PhoneConfirm confirmation ensures the transaction is more secure by aligning and verifying the customer’s phone number with the customer’s registration. It also makes the process more convenient for the customer and much less costly than calls to your customer support.

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