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DEMO #2: Verifying Credit Card owner identity
This example demonstrates how you can use PhoneConfirm to help verify the identity of a credit card customer during an online check out process. PhoneConfirm will call a phone number associated with a credit card to confirm the identity of the customer making the transaction.

Credit Card Type 
Credit Card Number 
In the demo above you will act as a customer making an online purchase using a credit card (in this case please use an imaginary credit card number!). In addition to providing the credit card number you will also be asked to provide a phone number (please use your real phone number), which PhoneConfirm will call. When you answer your phone you will hear an automated voice state a PIN number which you will then enter into the website. By doing so your are confirming you are the person making the transaction, have provided a verifiable phone number, and have received and verified the call.
Verifying a billing phone number makes this transaction more secure in several ways, as a person committing a fraud must not only have possession of a stolen credit card but also MUST be in possession of the phone (or be located where the phone line is located) associated with the card. Your customers will be comforted that your online store verifies purchases with this additional level of verification.
Also, PhoneConfirm discourages criminal rings of fraudsters (for example, the named customer is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, the credit card is good, but the phone number provided does not match the customer record -- it is from Nigeria), and repeat fraudsters (the customer name and credit card are good, but the phone number supplied by customer is "FLAGGED" as associated with a previous fraudulent purchase).

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